FACES: The National Craniofacial Association

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
FACES assists 75 to 135 families each year with travel away from home to specialized craniofacial medical centers for life-changing surgeries. In many cases, this is a lifelong journey for these families, as a child born with a severe craniofacial disorder often requires surgeries until young adulthood before their face and skull is completely rebuilt.

In addition to travel expenses and financial and moral support for surgery, FACES has helped over 25,000 individuals across the country with support networks, information packets and educational programs in the community.

Meet FACES Client Kareel

Meet FACES Client Kareel
Treacher Collins Syndrome
(Underdevelopment of the eye sockets, cheek bones,
lower jaw and ears)
FACES Client since
January 2006




FACES UnMasked Preview
HArt Gallery for the
September 26th Southside Stroll

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HArt Gallery | FACES
Southside Stroll

Join us on September 26th at HArt Gallery for the final Southside Stroll of the season, featuring masks for the FACES UnMasked event on October 23. Mingle with some of the artists, buy tickets for the event, and enjoy the art of FACES UnMasked.

Southside Stroll celebrates local artists, photographers, craftsmen, chefs, roasters, stylists, galleries, businesses, hostels, and neighborhoods in the Southside historic district of Chattanooga, TN.